“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin


One of the great concerns we all have when making important financial decisions is whether or not our advisors know enough and care enough to give us the right advice.

1st Financial was founded in 1991, and we’ve been educating clients and their families about reverse mortgages long before many people even knew what they were, and well before any of the TV pitchmen arrived.  We are the oldest reverse mortgage provider in the State of Michigan, and one of the oldest in the United States.  We understand our products, and we understand our clients and their needs.

We’ve helped thousands of people make the right decision, and we hope we can help you decide what is right for you.

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1st Financial Reverse Mortgages

How Does a Reverse Mortgage Work?

Reverse mortgages have helped thousands of Americans achieve financial peace of mind. Find out how they work, and whether a reverse mortgage may be right for you.

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  • I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much we appreciate your help and what a difference it [the reverse mortgage] has made in my Mom’s life…We are able now to pay up bills and do some minor interior repairs to make Mom’s home feel good to her again.

    Martha – Port Orange, FL
  • I am 73 years of age, a former submarine sailor, and I’ve lived and worked in Grand Rapids for 31 years.  I have never been treated this royally by anyone in all my years.

    Ralph – Interlochen, MI
  • Everything with the mortgage process went so smoothly, it’s hard to believe how easy it all was.

    Mary – St. Claire Shores, MI
  • I am much more relaxed.  I can sleep at night.  I am so glad I met the folks at 1st Financial.

    Peggy – Redford, MI
  • It has certainly given me peace of mind knowing that I can stay in my condo and have the necessary funds to meet my needs.

    Deanne – Tampa, FL
  • I’ve been retired for 20 years and living on a fixed income.  I do all right, but I wanted to do some things I didn’t have the cash to do…I have no plans to move out.  For me, this works out well.

    Bill W. – Livonia, MI
  • No it’s not for everyone, but for our family it was a life extender for sure, and the 1st Financial team patiently educated my family members, and made them feel comfortable making the decision.

    John – Rochester, MI
  • Through this entire process, Jon and the entire staff made me feel like a close friend or a member of the family.  They handled my application quickly, efficiently, and without a problem, and met my deadline as promised.

    Rich – Northville, MI
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